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Video Journalist Bundle



The Video Journalist Bundle is an affordable, turn-key solutions package ideal for use by professionals and up-and-coming video journalists. Packaged in a bag designed for maximum protection and storage of your gear, the kit comes equipped with:


  • JVC ProHD Mobile News Camera (GY-HM650),

  • IDX 7.4V/5AH Lithium Low Battery (SSLJVC50),

  • IDX 7.4V  2 CH Simultaneous Charger (LC2J),

  • Sachtler System Packages 75 mm  (1001),

  • Manfrotto 3 Sec Aluminum Monopod (679B),

  • Sennheiser Plug-On Transmitter (SKP100G3-B),

  • Sennheiser - Bodypack transmitter (EW112PG3-A),

  • Audio-Technica Line + gradient microphone (AT875R),

  • Audio-Technica Cardioid dynamic handheld microphone (PRO41),

  • Sony Microphone (ECM-66B),

  • Sound Devices Portable 3 Channel Field Mixer (302).

  • Litepanels MicroPro LED on Camera Light (MicroPro),

  • Plura Monitor 7" (PBM-307-3G),

  • Ikan lighting kit (ID508-KIT) and,

  • Pearstone Digital Video Camcorder Bag (DVC777).

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