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The Team Cricon



You are our commitment, to serve you is our pleasure.

Lesly Jaramillo

Founder & President


Responsible for the overall success of the organization and the accomplishment of its mission in daily operations. Her leadership has positioned the organizations at forefront of the industry, working as a team with customers and vendors. Lesly has a long corporate experience through her technical and administrative professional life, whereas her skills and leadership have been largely recognized.

Oscar Florez

Founder & Vice-President


Electronic engineer, communications and IT specialist. Oscar handles the strategic planning and development of international markets for Cricon, the formulation of operational policies, objectives and marketing and sales initiatives. Oscar also manages the attainment of Cricon’s financial and operational goals, and directs the development of the organization to ensure its continued growth.

Carlos Chujfi

Director of Sales & Technical Services


MBA and IT Engineer. Carlos handles sales, technical services and after sales support for our customers in Latin America to ensure a prompt, efficient and professional response. 

Mercedes Rodriguez

Business Manager, International Sales Support


Business Administration Professional with sales background. She is in charge of managing international sales and purchases. 

Juan Pablo Vargas 

International Operations at Cricon Ltda


Juan Pablo is industrial engineer with more than four years experience in operations management with Cricon Ltd. He handles foreign trade negotiations, enterprise resource planning and the supply chain management.

Alejandro Tovar Gómez

Sales and Technical Support Representative

Alejandro has a strong background in audio production, music and graphic design beside his major in Sound Engineering. He is able to deal with a wide range of customers and their audio and video requirements.  

He is part of the Sales and Customer Support Team.

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Andres Felipe Roldan

Sales and Technical Support Representative


Andres as an integral professional in fields of art, music and photography, beside his major in Sound Engineering, is able to cope and deal with a wide range of customers and technology application. He is part of the Sales and Customer Support Team.

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