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What we do

CRICON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, INC. is an organization dedicated to supplying advanced technology products and services from leading manufacturers in the research and development fields. It offers effective solutions in information technology, communications, production, television and radio broadcast.


Since its foundation in the state of Florida, USA in the year 1992, CRICON has established business relationships with customers who exhibit great prestige and presence in Latin America, the Caribbean and North America.The strategic location of the company within the American market places very near to the technology development centers, with fast access to products and support services from manufacturers and suppliers, and enables CRICON to fulfill international customers’ needs with a dynamic and professional demeanor.


Due to the digitalization of the broadcast and communications media, the adoption of digital television standards in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the introduction of new wireless and mobile services on IP platforms, customers face new challenges and opportunities to respond to a more demanding market in terms of audio/video content and quality as well.CRICON, along with its high technology suppliers is prepared to advise its customers in the implementation of solutions that will allow them to make good use of these developments, meeting the ever-growing need of distribution and high level transport content with the high standard and integrity demanded nowadays.


CRICON offers a carefully selected product line which includes: monitoring solutions, integration and quality control, storage, process, transport and distribution of high definition audio and video digital signals over remote and local networks via air transmission and through ground and satellite links.The consolidation of open architecture platforms handling content in a data operation environment offers much flexibility, which allows clients to integrate into a pure digital world, providing independence in format and compatibility with new applications. With this objective in mind, CRICON continually researches new technologies in order to offer its customers all the potential and productive capacity for new developments.


CRICON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, INC. consolidates its leadership with an exceptional position in the industry, achieved throughout its 24 years, by performing as a permanent, professional and trustworthy solution and integration provider for its clients, delivering expert, effective and competitive services and products.The company is managed by professionals in engineering, computing, marketing and administration who possess the executive proficiency in the public and private areas, in commercialization and international marketing, with the primary goal to understand and serve the customer.

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