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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q  Does Cricon offer customer support services?

Cricon International Business, Inc.’s priority is to offer the best service to its customers in Latin America and the Caribbean, reflected in permanent customer support at operations and technical levels, solutions design and integration, prompt attention to quote requests, fast processing of purchase orders, efficient shipping and the permanent availability to provide support, warranty and advisory services.



 Q  What integration services can we expect from Cricon?

As an integrator of solutions for our customers, Cricon works close to manufacturers. This is accomplished by means of an evaluation and deep analysis of the applicability and compatibility of different products as well as design and integration of the most effective and reliable solutions. CRICON strives to keep its costumers readily informed of new trends and the availability of products and services. In the solutions integration area, CRICON has access to other products that complement the offered solutions with excellent pricing and availability for its customers. Some of these manufacturers are listed in this site.



 Q  Does Cricon offer warranty on products sold?

Yes. Cricon offers the manufacturer’s original warranty terms and conditions for all products delivered to its customers. Also, if they are offered by the manufacturer, extended warranty terms are available at additional cost.



 Q  What the warranty covers?

Cricon and manufacturer warrant that the products are transferred rightfully and with good title. Such products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, which arise under proper and normal use and service. Buyers exclusive remedy hereunder is limited to Cricon/manufacturer repair or replacement (either at its location or at such other place as may be agreed upon between Cricon and Buyer) of such defects at no cost to Buyer.



 Q  Who will pay for the transportation costs of the products involved in warranty                       services?

Transportation costs in connection with the return of products to Sellers location or designated facility shall be paid by Buyer.



 Q   What are the validity of the quotes submitted by Cricon?


Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days. Quotations are available for other specific time periods upon request. Unless specified otherwise, prices do not include retailer’s occupation, sales, use, privilege, value-added tax, excise or any other tax (except for gross income tax), duty, tariff or assessment which may arise from the sale of the products or services quoted.



 Q  Does Cricon offers payment terms?


Payment for orders from recurrent customers delivered in the United States is due within 30 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise specified by Cricon. Orders delivered outside the United States shall be paid by an irrevocable letter of credit, by cash in advance or by wire transfer. Orders accepted on other terms shall be due in strict accordance with the terms quoted.

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